I love nature. To me, nature is such a source of positive, pure energy and goodness. Nature is not malicious or evil, nor does it intend to hurt you or lie to you. It simply is there to nurture, and provide light energy.

I went hiking with my kids, as I do so love to do. To me, hiking is a wonderful way to surround myself with nature, spend time with my children, and notice true beauty. To me, beauty is not just the exterior. Beauty is that within, that source of hope and light. Beauty goes beyond the exterior. Beauty is in the way you carry yourself.

The thing I love about being a mother is how much innocense there is in beauty. It’s like nature-it just is. It doesn’t try to be, it doesn’t ask or long or want, it just is.

Nature is, and doesn’t try to be. It doesn’t question life or go through a mid life crisis. Without thinking, it just is what was born to be. It just is what it is, and does not over analyze and does not wonder where their next rainfall will be.

If only we could all be this way-and simply be. We could let go of the desire to fit in, or the need for approval. We could let go of the insecurities, and just stand in our truth. But……why don’t we?

Maybe we all just need to surround ourselves in nature, and take example from the trees. I love trees as an analogy for being, because they are grand and glorious and strong. Trees are rooted, and deep. In the winter, they die, in Autumn they shed their leaves painted in beautiful colors, and in the spring and summer, they come alive again. I love it. If only we could be okay with knowing that sometimes death happens. I don’t just mean literal death, but also death to things in our life. I mean that sometimes things don’t last forever, but it rebirth always comes. Life always comes back again.


In other news, I have listed some new items that I’m super excited about:

These are hand painted tote bags, and they are 100% handmade and one of a kind. You can find the mermaid fin HERE and the girl Silhouette HERE.