All the world’s a stage, and I promise-I’ll remember my lines. All the world’s a playground of laughter and cultures and languages I’ve yet to learn, all the world’s this wonderous place, and I promise you tiny pieces of sacred chocolates here and there, scattered everywhere.

When I was a little girl, chocolate was a sacred thing. It was this gloriously magical thing that was consumed in secret over fear that my mother would find it and say no. Or fear in having to share it with her. But I do not like to share the sacred things that come to my life, I

don’t wish to share that with the world. But I’ll share it with you.

I’ll share the sacredness of my life with you. I promise.

The world and it’s forevers are constantly changing. No one seems to want love and romance but me. Everyone seems to just want to fuck. Everyone just wants sex and nothing more. Everyone, but me. I am okay with being a hopeless romantic, so long as you make your way to me. If nobody does make their way, trust me, I am perfectly content with my home collection of toys. I’ve said this before, I’m completely in love with my vibrating knickers especially when I’m watching one of my favourite naughty videos on hdpornt, talk about audience participation. With my toys and vibrating knickers I am quite content as they do everything a man is supposed to, and more. For those still unaware of what vibrating knickers are, check out My Little Pleasure.

I am okay with knowing that I’m one of the last people on earth that seeks a soulmate, so long as I one day find you, or you find me.

I’ve always been the fool. In groups, I’m the one that’s forgetful, the short girl who can’t find her keys, or her purse or wallet. I am the one that tends to have the phrase, “Oh, I forgot” tattooed inside me somewhere. And others shrug me off, and shake it off to stupidity. But brilliant minds are always thinking. Brilliant minds are forever thinking of new poems, new designs, new art, new things, new new new, and so in this mind of mine where I think of these new ideas, and am going to school, and take care of my children, sometimes…things get forgotten.

But, my future beloved, I do not forget about you, or how I’d like to meet you. I do not forget about the flowers that you’ll send me, or the love notes you’ll write. I won’t forget about the future laughter we’ll share, or the paintings I’ll create in ode to you and I.

I promise you this: you shall never be bored. I live in this world of color-in this world of rainbows and tales from the other world, it is like…..I have thousands of years of stories to tell, centuries of adventures we can have, and I promise you. I’m worth it.

Often people pursue love in hopes of attaining happiness but I tell you, I do not believe that happiness is anything more than a choice or a pursuit-a destination. I shall reach that destination when my ducks are in a row, we think.

I shall, I shall. We hope and we pray, and yet….when we’ve reached it….still we remain unhappy.

Love is that way. Love is a destination but yet a journey. Love is this grand and explorative journey and we think we’ll find it in another. The journey starts within. The journey begins when we let go of the ego, and the ideas fed to us, and we think for ourselves. And we love ourselves. and we know that one day, love from another will exude into us, and we’ll have found our soul mate.

But there’s no need to beg or plead. There’s no need to beg or plead, and do you want to know why, future beloved? Because souls find each other. Souls have a way from lifetime to lifetime, of finding each other. And one day, future beloved….one day, you’ll be my present love. Here, with me. In the present. In the now.

But for now, you live only in my poems and daydreams.