The thing about heroes, is that often, the hero does not feel like one. We define heroes as people who have fought and won a battle of some kind. We look at them, idolize them and see them in this grandeur. But…I do ot think that they really feel that heroic while walking through hell, or while being in utter pain. It just what they had to do. You know?

A Hero never feels like a hero. Not really. In the grand scheme of things, a hero is just really trying to survive, just trying to live and come out from above the hell that life created. The hero does not think herself a hero at all, nor any sort of role model. I doubt that Frida Kahlo ever felt like a role model at all. She was just trying to survive, man.

In that same way,v so are we. We think of ourselves as diamonds. Our friends tell us we are precious, when we admit to them we feel less than perfect. You aren’t a diamond in the rough. You are beautiful colorful gem in the midst of so many others all trying to live and breath and find peace.

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