What does June Cleaver do when she gets a divorce?

For whom does she bake cakes for, now that Ward is gone?

June Cleaver got a divorce.

She didn’t want to of course. It is simply the path that the universe chose to put her on

And path

It was darkest black at first, with thorns and spines everywhere around her, she

Felt blackest black

And the night was darkest

June Cleaver got a divorce

Ward left her for another


She did not know what to make of things.

All of the sudden, June Cleaver….she was a free woman

What was she to do with this freedom?

What could she do, how would she live?

She’d never lived alone before, and for certain,

It seemed a fascinating thing-to be alone and free

To have all the space in her head and heart


None but her children lived there, in her heart and head

She kept it that way, shunning the suitors that promised forever

June Cleaver got a divorce

And on her way back from divorce court

What a happenstance meeting did she have, but to run into her future-

She ran into Ms. Gloria Steinem.

It was in the elevator that she did happen to see this woman

Who marched for Ms. Cleaver’s right to choose

Whether or not to stay home and bake cookies

Or go to work and drink coffee

So Ms. Cleaver and Ms. Steinem are stuck on an elevator together

Ms. Cleaver so begrudgingly says a hello, then quickly gets her panties in a knot

She’s okay with being home and baking cookies, she tells her

I don’t mind it at all, she says

“Actually, it was the best time of my life!” She shouts

The kind feminist says, “That was your choice. Isn’t choice grand?”

“Bullshit. I liked my life.” Ms. Cleaver replies while taking a cigarette out of her purse

June Cleaver got a divorce

and she didn’t really want to, she

didn’t really want to see

how horrible men can be

when going on a date, a man will pretend to want a relationship with her

just to fuck her

then take her sex, that she thought was a premise to a relationship,

and he leaves

taking that without her permission

Sex is like a game for men, she begins to understand

and so, in that elevator

a sort of transmogrification happened.

A morphing happened.

An evolution happened.

June Cleaver


Gloria Steinem

no longer would she allow others to take and not give

no longer would she give and not receive

no longer would she give her heart and her time away to men who do not deserve it

She healed, she did from the pain of being alone

she rather liked it now: the nights of being alone

and she liked to paint and read to pass some of the time, while listening to old jazz written years before her father’d been born

and drinking wine


She was ready now

ready to love again, ready to live again with someone who perhaps could love her just as she is, who could perhaps handle the storytelling and the rambling, and the late nights.

The early mornings. And the two beautiful fairies she’d birthed. She was ready now, and done with escaping love.

She’d learned a lesson from becoming Gloria Steinem: she learned the lesson of choice and the lesson of freedom. Finally she had come to demand freedom, as did the suffragettes from long ago, she

demanded freedom,

and she got it.

She chose to be happy

and she became it.

Freedom: the thing which men and women have given over their lives for, and she

she got it

by simply sitting back in her chair

and letting go

and being patient

and realizing: all you have is this moment right now.

All that we have is just this one moment. She realized this, and so was now ready. She was ready to love.

June Cleaver

got a divorce.



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