I’ve been quite busy lately, but I did have time to work on some new paintings.

Title: Love me tender

Title: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

(I have not yet decided if I want to sell them.)


Listen to me, not just in the words that I speak,

but in the way I say I like you

just listen

I like that you listen to the words I speak,

Let us drive to never never land

let us drive with our madness, sweet excstasy surrounding me


you are a king and I,

I am a queen

You met your match with me

We are like spirits swirled in colors of blue and purple

All I ever wanted

was to feel complete

so I took to the sun

so I took to the moon

and completed myself, and therein

therein I met you

The you and I that is, it is without labels

without definition

The you and I that is, needs no definition

I am okay with the deflection of labels

I am okay with the darkness within you

I only ask that you embrace mine

little by little I shall show you the darkness of my past

You are of the Sun

I am of the Moon

Together we create this magic

Do you suddenly feel inspired, oh King?

Do you suddenly want to do, to create, to pursue?

it is the medicine I bring

it is the magic within me, that comes from the moon through me

that is what you get for looking into me

that is what you get for being around me, with me, inside me:

the magic of creation

of inspiration

I am a woman of the moon, as states my name: Diana

Diana-the goddess of the Moon

I bring the moon to you


bring the Sun to me.



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