Looking into my creative process is a lot like looking into my head. I have many things going on at once. I really do prefer having a million different things floating around all at once, it sort of helps me think better.


This is how I work. I lay out a bunch of canvases all at once, and paint away, scraping a brush on one, and using my fingers on another. It’s the best way, really.


All the canvas laid out all at once, helps me think.


I also use copy paper sheets, and make art on that, while working on canvas. I really enjoy working on abstract art. It’s a whole experience for me. I drink a glass of Cabernet, put on some good music, shake my ass a little (to get me in the zone for painting) and then I just paint the night away.

Art completes me. It makes me a better me. Without art, I am a cranky sort of girl.

I was thinking today about a conversation I had, and I realized I really do need people to bring me back to reality. Without that, I tend to have my head stuck in the clouds, in NeverNever Land or some such.

Recently someone brought me back to reality as I had taken my “mama bear – don’t fuck with my kids” a bit too far. And they snapped sense into me. Understand, that I was being protective. I am nothing if not a protective mother. But, there was no need for me to protect my daughters in this particular situation. So I went back to reality and came to my senses. I still believe that what I reacted to do was justified, but if I reacted in haste, then I let go.┬áBut I am not admitting I was wrong, because I was not. Simply, I should not have been quite so bitchy. Maybe.