We all have that one thing that makes us feel good and makes us happy. For me, it’s music. Music makes me happy. I love good live music because I just feel good. It makes me feel inspired. When I first moved to NJ I was pretty happy, since one thing New Jersey has is a lot of good quality live music (if you know where to look).

Music raises your vibration and makes you feel alive, like everything wrong will just melt away. It’s like magic, you know? Music is like magic. It is.  I like to listen to music while I paint, too. What I listen to depends on my current mood. Sometimes it’s the Grateful Dead, and other times it’s Sean Paul.

The other day, I discovered this one song that I now absolutely love:

I love it. I love when the single mother is praised. Being a mother is tough, especially when  you’re being both mother and father to your babies. I told the boy I’ve been seeing that often it can be very overwhelming. But as women, as mothers, we do what needs to be done. Right?

I love when you can listen to a song and it personifies everything you feel. I fucking love that. It’s just magic, you know? It’s like, how could this person who does not know me, write a song almost completely about me? I have been there. But that’s probably why I love music so fucking much.


It’s like you go to a show, you see the band play, but there’s more to it than that. It’s more than just the band playing, and you being there. It’s the excitement of the people around you. It’s the vibe of the band performing and doing what they are meant to be doing. It’s all magic. All of it. And that is why music, inspires the shit out of me.

What inspires you to create or feel happy?