For me, there’s a method to it all. People ask me how I can accomplish all that I have going on, and I really have no idea other than the fact that I’m a workaholic. I really am. I work and I work and I keep on working. Why? Because it fucking feels awesome to keep busy. Sleeping all day is something I really can’t do, even if I wanted to (which I have absolutely no interest in doing).

As a matter of fact, even in men I date, I must date men who work a lot or are very very athletic or active; because I cannot respect a lazy man. This is probably because my father is not a lazy man either. He is always active, always busy doing one thing or another. Or he’s watching the news, which as I’ve been told, is a very old school Puerto Rican man thing. I hate stereotypes, but if that’s true that it does apply to him.

As of late, I’ve neglected much of my art and things, not for any other reason except for time. I felt I hadn’t had the time to create, to paint, or to even write. But my morning pages keep it all together for me. I write about the goings on, about things I am pondering, and write my list of good things in my life.

That’s sort of an inside peak into my creative process today. I swear by morning pages. I wake up early in the morning, reflect on the day before, drink my coffee and go into my own haven-my own space. And I just write. I write about all the stuff in my head, and do it for a good 15 to 20 minutes. I feel like it’s good for you to write early in the morning, before you start your day off and get distracted by one thing or another. It sets an intention for the day, and so I try to keep everything on a positive level.

The intention of the journal pages sets the tone for my day, and I want my day to fucking sing out loud. I want to grab the day, and know that I lived it up, and lived to my fullest potential. You cannot do that if you are a negative nelly. I can’t stand negative people. You know the type. The ones that have everything, yet they are not happy. It’s one thing to be down once in a while or moody. We all get that way. But….try to remember that happiness is a choice that you make, and while we live this short little life, we might as well be happy. Be fucking happy, because this all fades away. Do it, man. It’s good for you.

I am currently working on a book. This will be a book of poems, and I am compiling a list of poems that I am writing and working on now. Usually my chapbooks are quite small and I make them myself, but this will be a proper book, and will be done using Lulu. I’m rather excited about it.

What’s your process like? Do you keep a journal? When do you write in it?


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