Love a Wild Woman

Love a wild woman. Do it.

Love her in her beauty and carefree attitude

love her when she cries emotional tears over sappy movies you watch a dozen times with her and

they still affect her

love her when she wakes up early to drink coffee and meditate

love her when she has a glass of vodka and orange juice before painting the night away

love a wild woman

love her and do not box her into the image of June Cleaver, she’s

been there done that

does not want that


love a wild woman

she will spend the days sleeping and painting and laughing

dancing with her children that are wild as she

and the evenings she spends writing poetry and reading Keats to you

love a wild woman

She will laugh in her dark places

her smile is unending

her heart is pure

her love never dies

love a wild woman

though she has been broken in the past

though many have tried strict regulations

she still moves

she still gets up and is ready to love

ready to give

she is a bird that flies

she is a bird, not able to be captured

but perhaps

just perhaps

you can fly with her

as do the children she birthed

those that love her

fly with her

so love a wild woman

She’s worth it

I promise.

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