If you choose to enter here

So, I’ve been a bit more dedicated to my art these days. Being single does that to a girl, I suppose. Here I made a two page spread in a little art journal I found while cleaning my studio. I promised myself I’d finish one book at a time.

I also posted a new(ish) poem below, also.

If you choose to enter here

know that I am not a safe place.

I am a woman, seeking a partner but

I am a sheep

in wolves clothing

I am June Cleaver

in a Joan Jett exterior

And in my desire to be like God I ran into Satan

Blinded by lust blinded by his lies I thought him to be

the God I sought

I painted him in colors of blue

I made him perfect when he was but a thief and a liar

He was Satan

And I didn’t see it


Saw only what I chose to and

Saw only that he listened and

Saw not

That he cared not

That he loved not

That he used me

The truth hurt more

So I lied to myself

And made myself think he cared

Because the truth is he thought me only garbage

And a lie feels nicer than truth

So if you enter here, put not the clothes of Jesus. Put not the clothing of a savior

Be only honest

be only fair

be only mature


be a man

if you choose

to enter here