Love is Chaos

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Love is chaos

like this

swirling of emotions


like I love you and hate you and love you and sometimes

I cant stand you

lovd is chaos


giant echo of everything our parents taught us

everything we’ve seen

we are the aftermath of them

love is chaos

it is

the aftermath of toxic lovers and heartache

it is

loving myself first but also please be with me

lovd is chaos

echoes of the aftermath of old lovers and friends

of it when once unrequited

love is chaos

blue: for healing

purple: for power and strength and

I see

with my third eye unblinded

red: for passion



pink: for that real emo love


and a tiny bit of yellow: for success.


it is chaos

echoes of the past self

echoes of who we loved and how we loved and

who we choose to love

the heart wants what it wants, they say

love is chaos.

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