Quotes to Inspire and Motivate You

Today I decided to share with you some quotes that inspire me, and why they do.

“Into this new love, die
your way begins
on the other side
become the sky
take an axe to the prison wall,
walk out like someone
suddenly born into color
do it now”

― Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi

This passage by Rumi is by far one of my most favorite and most inspiring. To me, it speaks of finding yourself in a new phase in life, and giving in to love, not just perhaps in a relationship, but in relation to spirituality. I think this really is a wonderful passage that reminds you that you can die to the old things, the dead things, and the dead relationships. It is okay, and you have permission to let things go.

Sometimes letting things and people go can feel a lot like death. We have this feeling that we need to let this thing, this habit, or this person go from our life. But perhaps we’ve grown accustomed to this thing or this person. Maybe we have gotten used to the person we always go out of our way for. Maybe we’ve grown used to them and rationalized our constant giving with the crumbs of friendship they throw at us. We open ourselves and let them into our life, not realizing they kill us slowly with their constant need from us, with their constant mooching from us, from our energy, from our life.

Letting go is so difficult. I’ve learned this. But I’ve also learned that life is delicious and wonderful and great when we first learn to love ourselves. This means, letting go of people that do not give the equal that we give. This means letting go of what does not serve us. That is what this quote means to me, and this is what I love about this.

“Inside this new love, die” — means just that. Die to the old ways of doing this. Open yourself to love, and learn to love yourself and then perhaps you’ll see-you’re worthy of so much more than giving to those who do not respect your wishes or neglect or take you for granted. As a mother, I am a nurturer. But this is not because I am a mother. It is because I had a mother who is anything but nurturing. I learned how to give because I was not. And now, it is time for me to give to myself. Because I deserve it.

I saw a meme once, it said “You deserve the love you give to others” and it really clicked in my head. I’ve seen that meme a thousand times before. But this time it really sunk in. I realized that it’s true. I’ve been giving all this love to the wrong people. Maybe I can give myself this love that I give so freely to others.

Maybe I can do that.


“I am not this hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within” –Rumi

So much of what we think life is and being an adult, is really just fodder and nonsense and ego. The filling to the brim of the ego, where we well ourselves up with labels to separate us from others. We think, “I am better than you because I am XYZ and that separates me from you”. Or we think, “I’m better than you because I look different than you” or “I am better than you because I have this.” But then…what happens when that thing with which we identify ourselves goes away? What happens when we lose the job, or when we get a divorce? What then, happens to our identity?

Perhaps this is when we must cast of the old, like the previous quote mentioned, and remind ourselves of who we truly are. In Kundalini Yoga that mantra, “Sat Nam” means truth is my true identity. What is YOUR true identity? After you shed your skin, and your hair and your attachment to a person, place, or thing…..what do you have when you shed those things? What does your spirit look like?


Now here below are a few MORE favorite quotes:







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