Greet every morning with a smile, is what most people tell you when you inform them that you’ve not been in the most pleasant of moods. Think positively, they tell you. Things could be worst, they say. Well thanks, you think to yourself. Sure, it could be worst but right now, this here that I’m going through feels like hell.

Do us all a favor, will you? When a friend tells you that they aren’t well, don’t give them a bunch of new age hooey. Please. Just….sit and listen. Sit and listen and let them cry and for the love of god when they start babbling about how they feel, don’t tell them from the first sentence, that they should get counseling. Maybe they know this. A lot of times when people say this from the first sentence out of their mouth, it often feels like they just don’t want to listen. Like, dude go tell someone else, is how it feels.

Just listen. When a friend comes to you for some sort of rant about life, or tells you they are depressed, just listen to them and let them cry and wail if  they have to. Give hugs. And maybe the next day, go over to their house or text them or something, asking to take them out to dinner and ask them if they bathed or did something to care for themselves. Sometimes when folks are depressed, they just need to let it all out by crying over a friend’s shoulder.

With that being said, I have a new painting I finished. This is to be the first in a set of paintings I hope to create in a series of tarot card paintings. My hope is to have them printed into a set of tarot cards.

This painting is “The Magician” in the Tarot series, and the definition is:

This figure represents a travelling entertainer and showman. Whenever she appears in the cards, you can be sure that the old adage, “The quickness of the hand deceives the eye” is coming into play! The magician is always number one -at center stage and in the spotlight. This apparent forthrightness is misleading because there is always something going on behind the scenes.

This image exudes originality and confidence. The card is associated with positive actions, individuality, and creativity.

Meaning: Generally, the card shows new beginnings, the start of a new cycle, a sense of purpose, willpower and initiative. The Magician is a card of potential, showing the importance of a new enterprise.

This painting is available as a pre-order now by CLICKING HERE.