On Perseverance, and a New Video

Recently I while on a job interview, I was asked the question, “What is your best quality?”

This of course is meant to be a sort of testy kind of question that employers ask to find out what your values are, and what you hold as importance. It tells them what level of perception you have. I answered of course, to the best of my ability, saying that my best quality is perseverance. No matter what the obstacle, no matter what adversity I face, I never ever give up. I do not.

Oh, sometimes I get distracted and put my coffee mug down on the kitchen table, and sometimes forget that I put it there after wandering about, chasing my kitten from whatever hijinks he’s attempting to get himself into. But I always come back to it, both literally and figuratively.


That is perhaps the key to life, it seems-never giving up. Sometimes it seems tempting to just quit and try some new thing, but when things become difficult in life, that is when you continue and keep going. There is only one person who can speak your message, the message you were meant to convey to the world. Once you know what that is, keep at it. Why give up, anyway? Giving up means you never see the end result.

I’ve been blogging for 11 years now. It’s been a hot minute. I do not sit at my computer and write to you because this pays my bills, but because there is a message yet to convey, a message I am still speaking of, and I will continue. I will always keep sitting here with my cryptic yet Buddha-like posts, updating you on my life and the things that go on.

Speaking of which, I have finished a new video, again.


I used the Dina Wakely Mixed Media Art Journal, and Deco Art Stencils and Paints.


I do hope you are enjoying my videos as much as I enjoy making them. And thankfully, my kitten was not an asshole. He did watch me work though, which was nice.



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