The Bird Girl and the Owlishl waif


The screams all sounded the same, they

were the disdain of her against the world, the


her longing

her-this owl girl who in shame hid her wings

her-this mighty warrior that no one could see because no one had the

magical eyes to see her magical ways, they

just all thought her air headed.

oh, the longing.

the longing.


it was the hellish weeping and gnashing of teeth

such unspeakable madness within her, the mighty owl girl


just breathe

just say no and

just breathe

breathe through the silent screams,

they all sound the same

they all sound the same in her ears and her mind

the madness!

how long can she survive this longing, and this madness, the

disdain of they to her

it drove her to do things she never thought she would, it

drove her to long

for things she never thought she would

the yelling and the loud sounding voices

screaming insults in her ear

it’s enough to drive anyone mad

She lived this way: chasing small blips of lights

meandering through life in her sea of tears

her madness, she wears it like a cloak upon her shoulders

it keeps her warm at night

it keeps me warm at night and shelters me from the harsh wind and the loud sounding insults

No one comes close



Pieces of silent screams blare in her head

keep it to myself.

no one gives a shit, anyway

this is her past.

she decided to

put on her owl wings

she decided she’d had enough

so she heard the call of a bird girl in the wind, calling her

from lo, that place in the bogs where she did dwell

she heard the call of the bird girl

so she put on her feathers

and flew away

away from the desolation

away from the madness

away from the hell

away, away

she flew away

to the bird girl

who loved her

despite her madness and

painted her wings the colors of the rainbow



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