Making Abstract Circles


So I made a new video for some new art, and a video: 

Here I have made some new abstract circles in my visual journal. I am pleased with the finished product, although once again it was not what I was I was hoping for or planning for.

Isn’t that the way life is, though? A Hodge podge of results that have occurred whilst we were planning something entirely different? We make our plans and life just looks at us and laughs.

I’ll be traveling the next few days, but I did pack up a few art supplies, and perhaps I’ll make a video of what I am bringing with me to share with you. Right?

Of course, my kitty cat Ozzy had to make an appearance. He’s such a little ham, and quite so curious.

I’m making another art video, and that will likely be up tonight or tomorrow morning. If you enjoy the videos I’ve made and/or want to see me make something in particular, do let me know in the comments.


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