Power, Emotions and Colorful Accessories

Why is it that the most powerful ones on the earth are always the ones that get overlooked? Why is it that the ones who are the strongest always suffer the most? Do universe or society likes to label certain types of people in certain types of ways. And often, the one that is labeled as weak, is the one most emotionally vulnerable. 

This person who is brave enough to show emotion, to show an admit what they feel to them selves and to the world, is the label this week simply because they do not hide their emotional status. But there is a strength in owning up to your emotions and owning up to what you feel.

There is a strength in that, that those who hide their emotions will not know. Years from now, I may not cry the tears that I cried years ago over something that pained me or broke my heart. Because I was brave enough to express my emotions and express how I feel. There are no locked up pent-up emotions in the recesses of my mind. There is none of that. Because I am strong enough to face my feelings.

You see, the strong one is the one who faces her fears and faces her emotions.

I was prompted to write about this, after watching a web series called the Umbrella Academy on Netflix. The show is about seven children who are born superheroes in one way or another. One of them has superstrength, another has the ability to compel a persons mind to do things or think things.

And then there was another girl, who is labeled as ordinary. She is labeled this way, though it is false. She is bullied by her brothers and sisters, And grows up with the complex that she is perhaps plain and ordinary. That we find out later in the series that this is actually not true.

Because of her emotions and because of the power within her emotions, she is actually the strongest one of them all. We find out that she is what is called the white violin. Within her emotions she is able to conjure the elements. Such strength she has, that all her brothers and sisters become afraid of her.

And so I was thinking about this in my own life. And I was thinking about, how those of us who are emotionally vulnerable end up being labeled as weak as plain or ordinary. But what is ordinary about owning up to your emotions? Owning up to your emotions and feelings is a very brave thing indeed. Be proud of the tears you shed. Be proud that you allow yourself to feel what you feel and gain power in the knowing you are unafraid of yourself. 

I’ve finished another project! I found this wonderful military bag at a freemeet, and decided to paint it up and make it my own. I wear a lot of black clothing, and so I like to contrast that with colorful accessories. 

Here’s a few pictures: 

I had so much fun with this.

I did a Facebook live event where I painted it live, and used Deco Art paints. I love their paints because they’re affordable and highly pigmented. I did NOT use fabric paints, but I will spray some sealer over the bag so I may use it in any weather.

My next project is a wallet for which I’ll be making a video for.

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