On Adulthood, Addiction, and What a friend is.

Is happiness something to be achieved or is it something that we choose to have no matter what our circumstances? 

And if life is shitty, does it mean we’ve failed? 

A former friend wrote something as her status update on Facebook, that has left me in a bit of a quandary. She said that persons who are older than their 20s and 30s basically should not fail in life or deal with addiction, and that if they do, this person is then toxic and a person to be avoided, because life should just be fine after 30. 

I guess she didn’t get the memo, where life gets shittier and shittier as you age. It doesn’t just get shitty, it’s that the shit affects you in greater ways, the older you get. 

And also, who said that addiction is only for teenagers? 

In the first place, drug and alcohol addiction has no respecter of person. In the second place, let us ask a question. In the words of Janet Jackson, “What have you done for ME lately?” 

It is interesting to see the machination of those who have yet to be broken by life as adults. It is laughable, because so many think that the brokenness of their child is over and they will never hurt me ever again! I’ll hex them till hell won’t have it again! 

Ha. Even the devil has to laugh. Your childhood may be over but you have yet to see the shitstorms life can bring. 

This is not to say life is horrible; it’s just challenging. 

In respect to addiction, what did you do for the drug addict you now avoid? 

So many people sit and stare at the addict, pointing their pity whilst avoiding them, before the addict even becomes enamored with their poison of choice. 

Do you want to know how addiction begins? It begins with isolation. It begins with loneliness. It begins with having no one on her side; sitting alone most nights wondering if anyone will ever love her. 

She sits alone and wishes for friends. She makes a few who turn out to be functional alcoholics. She avoids them a bit, but much to her chagrin, they are all that she has. 

They avoid her after she clearly has sadness in her heart. So much sad. So much the tears. 

No one wants a sad friend. Everyone knows you’re supposed to fake it. 

Addiction begins when people don’t want to be there for anyone but themselves. 

Addiction begins when friends don’t bother checking in. 

Addiction begins with friends who avoid you because they “are so busy”. 

You know who always checks in on you, and wants to know how you’re doing? The bad ones. The wrong people do. 

Addiction begins when people like the aforementioned former Facebook friend, walks away from the friends they claim to love. It begins when people just don’t give a shit. It begins with selfishness. 

It begins 

With loneliness. 

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