You have to kill who you were born to be to be who you want to be. 

But why is it that often, this is exactly what we do not do? All of my life I thought who I truly am. My entire life, I’ve fought simply to attempt to become that which pleased those around me. 

I think I just wanted to be accepted. I did not want to be what I already knew I was. 

There comes a time tho, that one must stop sabotaging one’s self in order to finally move forward in life and finally choose to say yes to yourself. 

I decided to do this. I decided to murder who I was in order to be what I know I truly am, to be who I know I truly am. This is my mission, and it does not happen overnight. It does not. It takes time to become. It takes a lot of self love and determination. You must be stubborn and move beyond those who wish to stifle you or place you in a box. You must go beyond. Keep going. 

I will not entertain people in my life who do not accept me for who I am. I will not. I will not accept those who claim “I love you, now change!” 


I deserve better than that. That is not love. Love does not tell you to change, does not tell you that you must be something that you are not. 

If you have followed my blog for a bit, you know that I write about love quite a bit. This is because to me, the greatest source of power lies in one’s abilities to love. To love all sentient beings including ones self. And that means standing in my power and that means choosing not to lie to anyone anymore. 

A year ago, I chose to stop trying to be that image that those who brought me into the world, wanted for me. I chose me. And I no longer care for the acceptance of others in my life because you know what? 

I accept me. I love me. 

This painting here is about sexuality and openness and having all the troubles of people and family not accepting you as you are.

I am who I am and I longer make apologies for such. I am a queer woman. And I will no longer apologize for such not will I hide who I am.