I am. Watercolor on paper. Contact me to purchase.
Must I? Watercolor on paper.

What I am now
Is not what I was
Who I am now
Is not who I once was
Girl who hung her head in shame and
Dared not tell others she
Sees the dead and collects tarot cards and owl figurines
The girl who dared not be herself
The girl who tried to gain approval,
I am not that girl who needs you to like me or
Needs you to be okay with who I am
I am, I am, I am
I am
Gloriously delicious, I
Am that girl who moves away from anger
Away from fear
Away from that which brings toxicity and rust to my soul
Created life
From my very body, two beings that assist me
In magic and laughter
I am the bone collector
I am the wicked witch
I am the girl no longer interrupted
I am, I am
I am
I throw cards on a sacred table
Leave whiskey for my ancestors
Communicate with my late brother
And my old lover
I do, I do
Ach du

Am maleficent
I am the white witch
I am two sides of the same magic
I am, I am
I am
I am love and light
But I am darkness and shadows
I am the mother of felines
Of sad souls and wayward souls
I am, I am
And I
Create fire and brimstone with my paintbrush and cheap paints
I paint pictures with my pen and paper, writing portraits of who I am
And the world around me
I am
The ancestral witch
Hereditary witch
I am
I am
I am that
I am.