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On the Dark Side of The Moon

On the dark land of the moon 

Therein lies my spirit 

My essence is there 

Find me where the moon dwells 

Look for me 

Seek me 

Offer me words and pretty things

And as does the moon

I shall illuminate the darkness within you 

Do not leave me standing in the doorway 

I shall not wrap the blues in my head 

I shall not wrap sadness around me

Simply give offerings to the moon that I am

Simply offer me the things I ask of you:



Smiles and laughter

Midnight rendezvous and

Cocktails under the moon

Do not make me wash my mouth out with soap

Or retract the words I spoke to you

No longer do I want to be 



Walking on eggshells

I seem to always spill 

But I am the moon 

I will always shine 

I shall always illuminate 


Or without the assistance of another 

Strong like the moon I am 

Strong and wise

Tired of being gentle

Let me under your skin

Let me in 

Or simply 

Walk away from me 

And I shall shine for the world 

And find another 

Who will give me the offerings I seek