On Limitations and Life Goals

What would you do if anything were possible? This question seems rather intimidating when you think about it. 

I suppose we are conditioned to believe that the impossible truly is impossible and that we all have limits to what we can and cannot accomplish in our lives. We have been conditioned to what we can and cannot believe in what God to believe in and how to dress and act. All of these things that we do without thinking too much of it, are done because we have been conditioned for it to be so.

But what would you do if you could do anything? What would you do if you could accomplish anything? What would life look like for you if that were the case? Do we put that many limits upon ourselves? 

I think that perhaps we have limits that we put upon ourselves and self-doubt. And I think that a lot of it stems from the way we were brought up. How can we then, make things better for ourselves now? How can we move beyond being conditioned to believe that we cannot do certain things and move beyond that to the idea that perhaps anything we want can be accomplished? 

Recently I lost connection with somebody that I had been friends with for over 13 years. And I am hurting. But I do believe that when we put limits upon our self, often we are not fully believing in ourselves and in the power that we have within ourselves. There is a lot of self-doubt.

To me the most important thing in my life is the loyalty of a friendship. But I will not be the type of friend to be silent. I also will not be the type of friend to bow down to your spouse simply because you do. That is not who I am. I will disagree with who I choose to disagree with, and if your spouse has that much of an ego problem than what he has to be completely frank, is little dick energy. 

Only a man with that type of energy would verbally attack and libel a woman in command his wife to stop speaking to her simply because he cannot shut her mouth. 

I wish she would remove the limitations upon her life and do what she wishes, not what her spouse instructs and commands her to do. No man should tell you who to be friends with. That is a limitation that you put upon yourself willingly simply because he does something for you financially. Thanks but I’d rather be poor at that rate.

Life is short. We only got a few years on this planet before fate decides it’s our time to visit the other side. And so, in the short life that I have I think I would rather remove all the limitations from my mind and all the limitations I place upon myself, and create the life I desire. Maybe it’s time for you to remove the limitations you put upon yourself and create the kind of life that you want. Not the kind of life someone else wants for you. Create the life that you want. You can do it. I believe in you.

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