When the Cloud Breaks

“Stupid girl” watercolor and acrylic on paper. (C) 2020

When the cloud breaks, where do you go? 

When the darkness breaks and the tears have been shed 

You will find me gazing at the moon 



Finally, there is this feeling I have not felt before 

Finally there is a sense of ….

What is it, again? 

Oh yes- Peace. 

A word I hardly knew 

I fought for my peace 

I abandoned my old life 

For what I have, so 

When the darkness breaks, where do you go? 

Do you go back, afraid of the daylight, and chase the darkness all over again? 

Do you seek the life you once hard

Or do you stand tall 

When the darkness breaks, I will not seek to chase that which I used to be 

Nor will I look for tears to shed 


When the darkness breaks, I will embrace what comes

I will create the life I wish

I will walk in love 

I will 

I will 

I will 

I do and I will. 

Darkness has broken. 

Light has come. 

Tears have dried. 

Morning has come. 

When the cloud breaks 

And when morning has come, 

Who will you be then? 

Who will you be 

When there are no tears to fall, no 

Sadness anymore 

Who Will you be? 

There is a sort of frightening kind of ecstasy 

That comes with knowing you will be okay 

When the cloud breaks 

When the tears stop falling as you find yourself 

In a place of peace 

Alone, but at peace 

Surrounded by what you love 

But alone 

But at peace 

When the cloud breaks, 

There is the sun

There is peace 

There is love from within

And perhaps from this love 

The true witch is born