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Make a Book of Desires – Part 2

Today there’s a full moon. So of course, I, being the silly and superstitious woman that I am, decided to

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Book Review: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

Recently, a good friend of mine lent me a book from her library. I actually picked it up because the

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Imitations of Life

new art: Imitations of life she used to hang her headshe didsheused to hidebehind makeupclothingboysshe didshe would stutternever uttereda kind

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Ghost Girl

Here’s another entry in my art journal: I call her the ghost girl because her face is rather pale and

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Sad faced girl

Worked on a page in my art journal. This is a sad faced girl. Her heart is breaking. The bird

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Dear twenty year old me:

This is a page from my art journal. I decided that the two faces represent to facets of me, one

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Inspiration, For Friday

Reflections & Inspiration: Yogi Bhajan

If I had a dollar for every “self help” guru out there, my husband wouldn’t have to work full time.

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The Love Fairy

I made some new art.  This is the second in a small series that I’m working on. These new works

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A painting for old bunny

So, my daughter has this little stuffy that she calls old bunny. She LOVES him. A LOT. You might remember

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