How to Make a Rumi Inspired Journal Page

The two things I love in life is art and poetry. I especially love it when they go together. One of my favorite writers is Jal-Adin Rumi. His poems are beautiful and meld spirituality with art very nicely. So, I decided I would take a … Continue readingHow to Make a Rumi Inspired Journal Page

Journal Page Step by Step

I just finished a journal page, and managed to make a step by step video of my process. Here’s the video:       And the pictures:   This page is about intentions. What are your desires? What are your intentions?     I love … Continue readingJournal Page Step by Step

Art Journal Flip Through

Recently I got a new camera, and that being so, I decided to do a little flip through of my in progress art journal. It is in progress because it’s not all full yet. So this is my little art journal! I should mention that … Continue readingArt Journal Flip Through


The nice thing about living la vida single, is having loads of free time at night to paint. So, I worked on a new piece in my visual journal (aka that cheapie composition notebook I talked about before). Here’s a few pics. This was done … Continue readingBelieve

DIY: New Year’s Intention Art Journal Page!

  So, Christmas is over, obviously. At this time of year, most of us like to re-evaluate our lives and think of what it is we want to attract to ourselves in the coming year. We think that perhaps this year will be better than … Continue readingDIY: New Year’s Intention Art Journal Page!

The Joy of a New Visual Journal

I have a confession to make: for me, my art is like my lover. To me, art is like a wonderfully incredible partner that I can always turn to. I can always turn to m art, and know that whatever I am feeling, and whatever … Continue readingThe Joy of a New Visual Journal

On Ravens and Soul Connections

New art:  She is the raven at the foot of the mountain look look at her her wings, so black they shimmer blue she is the raven free open willing flying through the air wind blowing at her beautiful wings yes she has a story … Continue readingOn Ravens and Soul Connections

The Summer we fell in love

Old art. Never posted it:  The  Summer we fell in love reminds me of St. Marks of the  Hare krishnas dancing of  walking by Tower Records  and The Virgin Megastore the summer we fell in love you could hear the moaning  from our love making … Continue readingThe Summer we fell in love

Raven Woman

New art: This is the raven woman,the woman who flies with beautiful black wingsthe raven womanwho collects shiny objects as ravens dowho loveswho lives with birdsbeautifulmajestic Also, made this card: And it’s for sale, HERE.  ———–I have had a song stuck in my head today. … Continue readingRaven Woman

The Bird, too big for the cage

Made some new art: The bird is too big for the cage. She’s got the key behind her back, because she knows she did something naughty by letting the bird loose. But the bird was too giant for that tiny cage she was put in.We … Continue readingThe Bird, too big for the cage