How to Make a Rumi Inspired Journal Page

The two things I love in life is art and poetry. I especially love it when they go together. One of my favorite writers is Jal-Adin Rumi. His poems are beautiful and meld spirituality with art very nicely. So, I decided I would take a … Continue readingHow to Make a Rumi Inspired Journal Page

Art Journal Flip Through

Recently I got a new camera, and that being so, I decided to do a little flip through of my in progress art journal. It is in progress because it’s not all full yet. So this is my little art journal! I should mention that … Continue readingArt Journal Flip Through

How I move past my creative block (and a freebie!)

Often people ask me, “So when did you start painting and writing?” And usually, I tell them that I have always been creative. I have been writing since I was just a child, and have been drawing and painting since 2010. I had decided that … Continue readingHow I move past my creative block (and a freebie!)

The Joy of a New Visual Journal

I have a confession to make: for me, my art is like my lover. To me, art is like a wonderfully incredible partner that I can always turn to. I can always turn to m art, and know that whatever I am feeling, and whatever … Continue readingThe Joy of a New Visual Journal

High 2/30 (And some new art)

Some new art in my journal. I used a technique I learned from Mindy Lacefield’s class for this one, of just writing and writing and writing in a sort of jumbled up manner all over the page. Also, I wrote a poem. It’s called, “High” … Continue readingHigh 2/30 (And some new art)

My Path, my family

If there’s one thing that I can say changed my life entirely, it is my family. Oh, not in the “I love you, you’re perfect, now change” kind of ways, but in matters of artistic expression.  When I met my husband 14 years ago, I … Continue readingMy Path, my family