How to Make a Rumi Inspired Journal Page

The two things I love in life is art and poetry. I especially love it when they go together. One of my favorite writers is Jal-Adin Rumi. His poems are beautiful and meld spirituality with art very nicely. So, I decided I would take a … Continue readingHow to Make a Rumi Inspired Journal Page

Journal Page Step by Step

I just finished a journal page, and managed to make a step by step video of my process. Here’s the video:       And the pictures:   This page is about intentions. What are your desires? What are your intentions?     I love … Continue readingJournal Page Step by Step

Art Journal Flip Through

Recently I got a new camera, and that being so, I decided to do a little flip through of my in progress art journal. It is in progress because it’s not all full yet. So this is my little art journal! I should mention that … Continue readingArt Journal Flip Through

Make a Book of Desires – Part 2

Today there’s a full moon. So of course, I, being the silly and superstitious woman that I am, decided to finish up the Wish book I had made. If you want, HERE’S a LINK to Part 1. In part 2, I show you how I … Continue readingMake a Book of Desires – Part 2

The Joy of a New Visual Journal

I have a confession to make: for me, my art is like my lover. To me, art is like a wonderfully incredible partner that I can always turn to. I can always turn to m art, and know that whatever I am feeling, and whatever … Continue readingThe Joy of a New Visual Journal

Bluebird work in progress, and Christmas rambling

Right, so this is a work in progress. I want to have the bird saying something to the girl there, and if you haven’t noticed, she hasn’t any shirt, so she’s sort of floating.So far this is just watercolors. I do love them so. I … Continue readingBluebird work in progress, and Christmas rambling

On organizing my life

If you’ve read my blog, or follow me on facebook, you might know that I do quite a bit. I run this blog, plus another one, am on a design team, and have two etsy stores (one for art, one for my yarn).That being said, … Continue readingOn organizing my life

Ghost Girl

Here’s another entry in my art journal: I call her the ghost girl because her face is rather pale and white, quite on purpose. Her hair is wild and free, and she’s a bit somber looking. You can’t see it, but above her I wrote … Continue readingGhost Girl

Dear twenty year old me:

This is a page from my art journal. I decided that the two faces represent to facets of me, one now, and one from years ago.Someone on facebook yesterday asked the question of what would we tell our twenty year old selves, and so that’s … Continue readingDear twenty year old me:

The Queen of Hearts

Here she is-the queen of hearts. Yesterday, I received in the mail, some wonderful new supplies-water mixable oil paints. I used to use oils back when I started painting about 15 years ago, so it’s a nice change to the acrylic paints I often use … Continue readingThe Queen of Hearts