What it means to give me a kiss

Little pots of paint make me happy. It inspires me to create beautiful things. I got a new art journal. I have a watercolor journal that I sketch in, but this new one is just for throwing paint around. Te deseo. Me deseas. (I desire … Continue readingWhat it means to give me a kiss

Journal Page Step by Step

I just finished a journal page, and managed to make a step by step video of my process. Here’s the video:       And the pictures:   This page is about intentions. What are your desires? What are your intentions?     I love … Continue readingJournal Page Step by Step

Make a Book of Desires – Part 2

Today there’s a full moon. So of course, I, being the silly and superstitious woman that I am, decided to finish up the Wish book I had made. If you want, HERE’S a LINK to Part 1. In part 2, I show you how I … Continue readingMake a Book of Desires – Part 2


The nice thing about living la vida single, is having loads of free time at night to paint. So, I worked on a new piece in my visual journal (aka that cheapie composition notebook I talked about before). Here’s a few pics. This was done … Continue readingBelieve

On Ashes and independence day

Ashen Buddha  give up your vows tell me dear Buddha  is it wrong to want is it wrong to desire to  desire to be embraced it is okay to wonder to look at frogs thinking, “there’s got to be one that’s a prince”? Ashen buddha … Continue readingOn Ashes and independence day

The summer you were born

new art:  This print is for sale HERE.  The summer you were born was the summer I became a mother and I came alive, I finally saw the world  in color the summer you were born, was the summer  I was born I was made … Continue readingThe summer you were born

If only I could sleep late

Made something new. A cheapo composition notebook becomes my mixed media art journal. Here’s the cover:  My friend Cindy told me she looks sad. Perhaps she is. I don’t know. In the words of my art hero, Basquiat, “I don’t think about art when I’m … Continue readingIf only I could sleep late

Just a tease

Here’s a little something I’ve been working on: Can’t tell you what it’s for yet, but it’s scrumptious and lots of fun.I was led to this while battling a bit of a block. Blocks are so hard, don’t you agree? It is a challenging thing … Continue readingJust a tease

Self Portrait (of sorts)

Been feeling quite inspired, so I made some new art. It’s a self portrait of sorts. I say of sorts because you’ll notice she has short hair and I do not.  I wrote a poem to go along with it.  Woman  she plais the madness … Continue readingSelf Portrait (of sorts)

For those of us with a past

Yesterday was mother’s day. Mother’s day is always such a conflicting holiday. It is both good and bad.Oh, but I made some art in my journal: A nude woman, because I’m practicing. I know her legs are all weird.She represents to me the woman I … Continue readingFor those of us with a past