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She Asked The Moon

Made some new art: So I told him I’d brown out his soul make it kinky haired like mine, see

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The Queen Of Hearts

So, this painting isn’t new, but I hadn’t blogged about it in a while, and decided to put it up

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Inside my SMASH book

I’ve been working on a few projects lately, but I thought I’d stop in and show you a few pages

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On Freeing the Artist Within

I made some new art this past week:       This piece is about being your true authentic self.

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On Owls and True Friends

Friendship is this sort of incredible thing. It is this cosmic sort of a love that you have for a

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The summer you were born

new art:  This print is for sale HERE.  The summer you were born was the summer I became a mother

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For those of us with a past

Yesterday was mother’s day. Mother’s day is always such a conflicting holiday. It is both good and bad.Oh, but I

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new love 4/30

New loveit’s likean awakeningI never new love beforenow I looked in the mirrorsuddenly I feel itI feel that new love

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The Owl I dreamt of

Made some new art recently. Take a look: I used the ever so fabulous Peerless Watercolors. I love them. The

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Calla Lily (I think)

I think this is a Calla Lilly.  It’s watercolor on cheapo paper. This is technically mixed media, because I had to

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