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  Will you let me see the¬†cracks in your paint if I choose you to be my love? will you

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The Box of Darkness

These are some pretty flowers from my front porch. Lovely, eh?  The Box of Darknessdedicated to Effy Wild  I was

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2/30 What love is

love is when you make sacrificesloveis when I say YOU before Ilovelove is a word he didn’t know, hecouldn’t understand

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No new art, sorry. But I wrote a poem. This is actually not about me. I got a line in

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An Ode to the Invisible Woman

New art: An ode to the invisible woman, it must be easy to walk right by her walk right through

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new love 4/30

New loveit’s likean awakeningI never new love beforenow I looked in the mirrorsuddenly I feel itI feel that new love

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