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WIP Wednesday & Using Affirmations

Today’s WIP Wednesday post comes with a lesson.   This two page spread was fun. I created it by covering

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The Stag

Made some new art:   This is the Stag. The stag is an animal spirit that comes during a transitional

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The Queen Of Hearts

So, this painting isn’t new, but I hadn’t blogged about it in a while, and decided to put it up

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Inside the Artist Mind: Camara Meri Rajaberi

Today, on “Inside the Artist’s Mind” I talk to Camara Meri Rajabari, who is from the San Fransisco Bay Area.

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On Ashes and independence day

Ashen Buddha  give up your vows tell me dear Buddha  is it wrong to want is it wrong to desire

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On Being Happy.

New art: This piece is for sale. For purchase inquiries, please comment with your email address. This is mixed media

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On Owls, advice, and dating again

New Art:  Advice my Friend Gave me there comes a time when you must learn to move on, to put

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The Summer we fell in love

Old art. Never posted it:  The  Summer we fell in love reminds me of St. Marks of the  Hare krishnas

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On Flowers and How to Bloom

New art in my journal: Blooming. When I think of rebirth, I normally think of flowers and plants. I think

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On love and monsters

 The heart speaks to monsters. Sometimes, when we shut our eyes we make the most grand choices, and other times

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