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Poetry to a Crowd

poetry on a stage read aloud to a crowd. This fuels me.   On the stage I become a different

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On finding Nirvana everywhere

  The Way to the Lotus I have given birth today To death and pain Traveled in time To a

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Show me

  Will you let me see the¬†cracks in your paint if I choose you to be my love? will you

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Little Red Elephant

  Little red elephant sits in my room she burns my intentions into the universe red, being passion red being

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I don’t love a like a little girl does

New art: To purchase this piece, please leave a comment with your email address and I willget back to you. 

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On Daydreams and stories

Made some new art: Daydream what is love but a dream what is life but a nightmare  to he who

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No Hay-A story in three parts

ni amor ni felicidad ni sonrisa No hay ni gozo ni fe ni dios ni amante ni beso ni abrazo

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