I shall give you the moon

  I would like to reach out my hand and give you the moon I’ll pick you up, we’re going on an adventure to wrap up the moon in a ribbon and I will run, I will on my way to wrap up the moon … Continue readingI shall give you the moon

On Being Alice

Alice: Why are you upside down? Caterpillar: I’ve come to the end of this life. Alice:You’re going to die? Caterpillar: Transform. (The chrysalis begins to cover his body.) Alice:Don’t go. I need your help. I don’t know what to do! Caterpillar: I can’t help you … Continue readingOn Being Alice


All the world’s a stage, and I promise-I’ll remember my lines. All the world’s a playground of laughter and cultures and languages I’ve yet to learn, all the world’s this wonderous place, and I promise you tiny pieces of sacred chocolates here and there, scattered … Continue readingPromises

Update-New Video Blogs Posted!

Hello! It’s been a minute. Sorry about that. I’ve been so scatter-brained lately. I did get a chance to take a walk with my daughters, and got some photos of a few flowers I loved: We went to Watchung Reservation, which is my favorite spot … Continue readingUpdate-New Video Blogs Posted!

When a fairy sings to a bird

Seasons & Reasons

    He told me, in between kisses and paintings That nothing is ever promised I told him, I’d rather know I’d rather plan I’d rather have the notion in my head that if I believe in something Maybe it’ll happen Preachers preach of evil … Continue readingSeasons & Reasons

Summer & Winter

    The Summer you were born was the summer I became a mother and I came alive finally I saw the world in color the summer you were born, was the summer I was born I was made from blood, diapers and breastmilk you … Continue readingSummer & Winter

Poetry to a Crowd

poetry on a stage read aloud to a crowd. This fuels me.   On the stage I become a different person. I conjur the energy and persona of my dear friend Liz, who lit the stage up like no other. It is a story that … Continue readingPoetry to a Crowd

On finding Nirvana everywhere

  The Way to the Lotus I have given birth today To death and pain Traveled in time To a darkness once cast upon me Dark cloud realized in me My Self My Spirit I Have been Illuminated I know how to find the path … Continue readingOn finding Nirvana everywhere

Show me

  Will you let me see the cracks in your paint if I choose you to be my love? will you let me see the softness the vulnerable part of you that only your mother knows exists will you let me see the holes in your … Continue readingShow me