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Poetry to a Crowd

poetry on a stage read aloud to a crowd. This fuels me.   On the stage I become a different

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On Saying Goodbye

New art: On saying Goodbye Twenty years ago Iburied himalong with his body, superstitious objects andcatholic memorobiliamy girlhoodwent buried with

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Not a Pretty Girl

My mistake was looking to you to save meMy mistake was thinking I could not make it on my ownI

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High 2/30 (And some new art)

Some new art in my journal. I used a technique I learned from Mindy Lacefield’s class for this one, of

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Last Good night’s sleep 1/30

The last good night sleep for Donald Green Thisis the last good nightI’ll ever havefor a good long whilethe last timeI bathand

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I dream of a future when we can all live in peace with each other. I wish we could see

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Out of the heart

Giving birth to my daughters was the most amazing thing in my life that I could ever do. I love

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A Poem for my Window Pane

Window pane sees my life sees the world, in a  sort of silent way just observing observing the smiles the

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Rest in Peace, Tia Carmen

I dreamed a dreamI dreamt I had you by my sideI just want to liveI just want to be happyjust

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just close the door just don’t speak just love just try just be justen listen to the wailing    

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