Love a Wild Woman

Love a wild woman. Do it. Love her in her beauty and carefree attitude love her when she cries emotional tears over sappy movies you watch a dozen times with her and they still affect her love her when she wakes up early to drink … Continue readingLove a Wild Woman

It’s like magic

We all have that one thing that makes us feel good and makes us happy. For me, it’s music. Music makes me happy. I love good live music because I just feel good. It makes me feel inspired. When I first moved to NJ I was … Continue readingIt’s like magic

Morning Pages and being happy

    For me, there’s a method to it all. People ask me how I can accomplish all that I have going on, and I really have no idea other than the fact that I’m a workaholic. I really am. I work and I work … Continue readingMorning Pages and being happy

In nature

  Nature teaches us to be still we learn in nature, that change is inevitable. Try as we may to fight to yell and scream and protest the shift in life that comes, we learn that life is life and change happens embrace it embrace … Continue readingIn nature

Update-New Video Blogs Posted!

Hello! It’s been a minute. Sorry about that. I’ve been so scatter-brained lately. I did get a chance to take a walk with my daughters, and got some photos of a few flowers I loved: We went to Watchung Reservation, which is my favorite spot … Continue readingUpdate-New Video Blogs Posted!

How to Start a Revolution

I was talking the other day to my boyfriend about my past, and how I used to be quite the political activist back in the days (before I had children). I marched down the streets of Washington DC, protesting the murder of innocent people in … Continue readingHow to Start a Revolution

Summer & Winter

    The Summer you were born was the summer I became a mother and I came alive finally I saw the world in color the summer you were born, was the summer I was born I was made from blood, diapers and breastmilk you … Continue readingSummer & Winter

And She Stands Alone

  And she stands alone as a man she sees, he saw soldiers marching while I saw the corpses of native Americans bleeding and she stands alone, as he saw the infantry marching the proud soldiers holding their guns while I saw the Shaman who … Continue readingAnd She Stands Alone

Little Red Elephant

  Little red elephant sits in my room she burns my intentions into the universe red, being passion red being love red being the desire of things that turn red Little red elephant sits in my space among my collections of owls and cats she … Continue readingLittle Red Elephant

A letter, upon inquiring on what sort of person I am

A letter, upon inquiring on what sort of person I am Upon inquiring about what sort of person I am, I shall tell you I’m like that-that woman that speaks without abandon, I talk with my hands, I speak with intention I’m like that I … Continue readingA letter, upon inquiring on what sort of person I am