I want to wrap up the moon

I want to wrap the moon and the stars in the sky as a gift to you and when you’re all grown up and I embarrass your lovers with pictures of you at the age of two, in diapers I want you to know I … Continue readingI want to wrap up the moon

On fighting change

New art: I’m just being swallowedupgigantic mouthhuge gnawing teethI’m being swallowed up by nothingnessby theway that things fluctuateand changeI hate changeI like samenessI like when you’re stable mablejust there when I need youdon’t changebut the only thingthat does not changeis that everything changesand I hate … Continue readingOn fighting change

On defining Sancofa

Finally made some new art: On Defining Sacofa One two threeone two three one two threeone two three YES!Iam the queen of right nowI already bid farewell to the dogs of yesterdaytodayI greet the morning with a kissI greet the day knowingthat tomorow could very … Continue readingOn defining Sancofa

On backgrounds and online dating

Boxes are for filling out forms, just like labels are for clothing. Do not attempt to put me in a box, or I will likely come out punching and kicking. I will punch and kick my way out, until the mold in which you attempt … Continue readingOn backgrounds and online dating

The Box of Darkness

These are some pretty flowers from my front porch. Lovely, eh?  The Box of Darknessdedicated to Effy Wild  I was given a box of darknessfor which to hide my mistakesI was given a box of darkness, handed to melike a giftthis box of darkness, so … Continue readingThe Box of Darkness

Killing the Beast

Killing the Beast kill the beast under your bedkill the beast in your headin your mind hidingflyingflitting about, making fun of youkill itkill the beastkill it deadthe beast in your headhe is a horrid monstrous beast with eyes of blackand a beautiful manner of speakinghe … Continue readingKilling the Beast

On Ashes and independence day

Ashen Buddha  give up your vows tell me dear Buddha  is it wrong to want is it wrong to desire to  desire to be embraced it is okay to wonder to look at frogs thinking, “there’s got to be one that’s a prince”? Ashen buddha … Continue readingOn Ashes and independence day

On Dirges and words not spoken

We sing dirges in the dark, ourskeletonsthey dance with delightwe sing these dirges to wake the spiritsto wake them andgreet them We sing dirges in the darkto discover the meaning of lifeto wake the spiritsand ask them what happens after we become bones and dust … Continue readingOn Dirges and words not spoken

On hiding shadows from others

I know I have’t posted up any art lately. New art is coming soon, don’t worry! We are all like shadowslikelike these little ghosts of ourselveslike these little peanut sized charactersinside of the roasted and salted shellinside of the layer of toughnessis the inner meaty … Continue readingOn hiding shadows from others

On Learning to love

I threw my heart into the windand it returned like a pigeon carrier with a message.It told me that perhaps I listen too muchperhaps I am naive in giving second chancessometimes I give third and fourth chances, believing with all my heart that perhaps this timethings will … Continue readingOn Learning to love