Stephen Richard said, “The discontent and frustration that you feel is entirely your own creation.”  What does this mean, exactly? Well, it means that we create our life. We create our own happiness, just from our thoughts.


Louis Hay is famous for her quote, “Change a thought and change your life.”

These affirmation cards are a wonderful and artistic way for you to get your creative mojo back!

First, you pick out a theme for your affirmation cards: money/job, artistic dreams or goals, artistic muses, love and self love, confidence, or pick a custom theme, or set of affirmations yourself.


I will create a set of 10 affirmation cards just for you, based on your theme. These cards are painted, stamped and made uniquely for you.

Each card is a work of art in itself.

This is a wonderful treat to yourself, or someone you love. Buy them for yourself, and keep art all around your home, while affirming positive thoughts into yourself; this way, you can change your life for the better!

Please allow 10 business days for shipment.


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