On curly hair and straight hair love affairs

    My love affair with straight hair is over, I think. I have had curly hair since I was a kid, and I always hated it.I didn’t know how to manage it. Neither one of my parents have curly hair, and they really had … Continue readingOn curly hair and straight hair love affairs

Art on the Farm!

This weekend, I went to an event in Yardley, Pennsylvania with my daughters, called “Art on the Farm”. It was a bit smaller of an event then what we expected, but we did have a bit of fun:

Don’t call me sensitive

      I I am this: this Puerto Rican Dead head   I am this and so much more   This is who I am: I am loud mouthed nosed pierced strong opinions don’t fuck with me   I am this and so much … Continue readingDon’t call me sensitive

On finding Nirvana everywhere

  The Way to the Lotus I have given birth today To death and pain Traveled in time To a darkness once cast upon me Dark cloud realized in me My Self My Spirit I Have been Illuminated I know how to find the path … Continue readingOn finding Nirvana everywhere

On Winter and Sitting Alone

  Sitting Alone   I’m sitting within myself holding fire in my hands visions of my slumber I dream of not sleeping alone but it’s just me sitting here, in the field of forever holding the fire of passion in my hands I’m just gonna … Continue readingOn Winter and Sitting Alone