An ode to my children

An ode to my children, who keep me in line who keep me up late and make me smile. I miss you. You’re away with your father and oh how I miss you without you, mama is a holy hot mess.

On questioning life, and drinking coffee

    Wrote this on my Facebook wall. Thought I’d share it with you. Wake up. Coffee. Sun rises. Think about all the responsibilities that I have weighted upon my shoulders. Squeeze in some time with the babies. Question life.

Camping and Philosophies from Nature

Last weekend, my kids, the tattooed man and I went out camping for the weekend. We took our new caravan that we got financed through Auto Finance Online (visit this website to read more), and I must say, it’s a great perk to have over … Continue readingCamping and Philosophies from Nature

Adventures in New Hope

Recently my daughters and I went to an art festival which turned out to be a bit smaller then we expected. We had lots of time on our hands, so instead we went off to New Hope, Pennsyvlania. I had heard lots of great things … Continue readingAdventures in New Hope

Art on the Farm!

This weekend, I went to an event in Yardley, Pennsylvania with my daughters, called “Art on the Farm”. It was a bit smaller of an event then what we expected, but we did have a bit of fun: