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Free the Artist Within: Episode 05!

Hello friends. I just filmed a new video and put it on youtube. Check it out: Oh, and here’s a

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Peace comes from within

Recently I started working with the Akashic Records, and in doing so for myself, I came upon some much needed

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On Copy-Cats

There’s nothing new under the sun. You can think you’ve innovated something, but chances are, you’re not the only one.

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An Ode to my Mother

made a painting the other night.

Don’t call me sensitive

      I I am this: this Puerto Rican Dead head   I am this and so much more

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New Workspace

new day job = new desk in which to work on. I finally have lots of space to draw and

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Poetry to a Crowd

poetry on a stage read aloud to a crowd. This fuels me.   On the stage I become a different

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Earth Day at the Ocean

On Saturday, to celebrate Earth Day, I took my eldest with me to Sandy Hook, to help clean up the

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How to Recycle a Box into a Shrine

One of the very first creative endeavors I truly enjoyed was making shrine boxes. They are so fun to make,

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How to Make Accidental Journal Pages

So, last week I showed you how to make your own affirmation cards. This week, I’m going to show you

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