That kind of love

I want love to  Come directly for me Say it will never leave me  And be honest when it speaks  I want love to lay always beside me  And Take my body  My Mind and soul I want love to murder the person I used … Continue readingThat kind of love

The Fixer Upper

I tried to make a mask out of the garbage life gave me I tried to. I tried to put on a mask, and valiantly show the world how strong I am  Hiding behind the loudness and trombone like way that I have  I really … Continue readingThe Fixer Upper

The method to my madness

There’s a method to my madness, I assure you. It may look like I am a scrambled hot mess by the looks of my desk while I paint, but I promise you I generally know where everything is. Usually. I call it organized chaos. It’s … Continue readingThe method to my madness

Advice for the newly single mom

A few years ago, the inevitable happened. I became a single mother. I say it to be inevitable because in my case, it was. I never thought I’d be a single mom. I never thought I’ve be in the situation that life put me in, … Continue readingAdvice for the newly single mom