She Walked Away

      The ghost of Sylvia Plath whispered in my ear, and spoke to me. She told me, “that did not do, it did not do” during the near year, I realized this And I saw the tongues of angels in a dream telling me … Continue readingShe Walked Away

And She Stands Alone

  And she stands alone as a man she sees, he saw soldiers marching while I saw the corpses of native Americans bleeding and she stands alone, as he saw the infantry marching the proud soldiers holding their guns while I saw the Shaman who … Continue readingAnd She Stands Alone

Window Pain

Window pane rain tapping I’m watching a volcano and I I’m a tornado making love to the wind and rain from my window pane in my little shop of horrors my home of odd things these odd things, they fascinate me window pane from my … Continue readingWindow Pain

And the grief keeps coming

      Today, I wanted to call you and text you Today, I wanted to tell you all that’s been happening and ask your advice I wanted to cry over the phone to you and tell you my latest struggles Today, I almost did … Continue readingAnd the grief keeps coming

Before I show you who I am

Before I show you who I am, it is probably best that I show you what made me this way, I love hard and have a tendency to fall quickly, I am what you call, clairvoyant…. but I feel the need to perhaps enlighten you … Continue readingBefore I show you who I am


No new art, sorry. But I wrote a poem. This is actually not about me. I got a line in my head and went with it, and thought about a story someone told me and it seemed to work really well with this piece. Thick … Continue readingThick