The Bird Takes Flight

So, I just finished making this new sculpture. I’m really excited to show you a few pictures:   Here it is. You like it? I used the reversed side of a pre-stretched canvas, Americana Acyrlic paints by Deco-Art, Deco-Art Media misters, and Deco-Art media Fluid … Continue readingThe Bird Takes Flight

She Walked Away

      The ghost of Sylvia Plath whispered in my ear, and spoke to me. She told me, “that did not do, it did not do” during the near year, I realized this And I saw the tongues of angels in a dream telling me … Continue readingShe Walked Away

Window Pain

Window pane rain tapping I’m watching a volcano and I I’m a tornado making love to the wind and rain from my window pane in my little shop of horrors my home of odd things these odd things, they fascinate me window pane from my … Continue readingWindow Pain

She is made of Stars and Stardust

It took her a while to notice that she was indeed made of stars it took her years and it took her tears to realize she is made of stars and stardust and she walked through the valley of death through the city of bones with … Continue readingShe is made of Stars and Stardust

Little Red Elephant

  Little red elephant sits in my room she burns my intentions into the universe red, being passion red being love red being the desire of things that turn red Little red elephant sits in my space among my collections of owls and cats she … Continue readingLittle Red Elephant

Throwback Thursday: On Leaving a Legacy

Legacy. The only time we seem to think of this word, is when we are faced with death; when we are faced with someone who has passed. We mourn. We cry. We bury the dead, and with them, little trinkets of the life we knew … Continue readingThrowback Thursday: On Leaving a Legacy

Before I show you who I am

Before I show you who I am, it is probably best that I show you what made me this way, I love hard and have a tendency to fall quickly, I am what you call, clairvoyant…. but I feel the need to perhaps enlighten you … Continue readingBefore I show you who I am