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When the Cloud Breaks

When the cloud breaks, where do you go?  When the darkness breaks and the tears have been shed  You will

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Plaster of Paris

    We all have plaster of Paris on some part of our life In some place within us, there’s

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Seasons & Reasons

    He told me, in between kisses and paintings That nothing is ever promised I told him, I’d rather

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On Winter and Sitting Alone

  Sitting Alone   I’m sitting within myself holding fire in my hands visions of my slumber I dream of

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The Bird Takes Flight

So, I just finished making this new sculpture. I’m really excited to show you a few pictures:   Here it

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On Freeing the Artist Within

I made some new art this past week:       This piece is about being your true authentic self.

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Before I show you who I am

Before I show you who I am, it is probably best that I show you what made me this way,

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